The sound of the engine changed from a purr to a full blow diesel rattle. There was no going back since we were on the final approach to the M6 Motorway heading North. If the car broke down we’d call out the break down service. Uh! no cell phone! No worries I’ve got mine. If we broke down we’d miss our appointment in Kendal. Going up a hill now. Are we loosing power? No, I’m just going slowly. We’d maybe not get to Throssel tomorrow. I’ll need to at least have the garage check the car before we leave. If there’s something seriously wrong I’ll catch the train, no problem..

Privately and together we tot up the possible consequences and scenarios of one simple event. A car engine changing from it’s customary and familiar purr to a worrisome rattle. We reached Kendal and parked for the day. It’ll be fine when we want it. said my companion with confidence. And sure enough after filling up with petrol in the evening the car returned to its normal smooth running state. But that all of life’s rattles mended so easily.

While machines rehabilitate, one way or another, we humans are rather more complicated when it comes to getting back on our feet. I have several people in mind who have had or are about to have major surgery. It’ll be fine. or:

All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well. Julian of Norwich

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