Rest Debt

This recording is about the need to rest and renew body/mind and in order to spend time ‘doing nothing’, constructively, one needs be open to the possibility that this is a good thing!

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The audio takes a bit of time before it starts to play. You’ll know all is well when you see small lettering saying ‘loading’. As it often says when dealing with Odeo, ‘be patient’. And this is a very good, free, service too.

For those who are interested this was recorded on a portable source and then uploaded. Yes! This is a success. I’d be interested to hear from anybody who has listened to this recording with a dial-up connection.

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4 thoughts on “Rest Debt”

  1. A very timely audio, Rev. Mugo. I am in the throes of decorating a room while my wife is away. I have until Wednesday to complete it……. I am tired and pushing myself too hard. I log on for a quick look and then your voice just tells me to slow down.
    Thanks Rev. Mugo. I needed that.
    It is now 9-00pm BST. Lets see if I can get another couple of rolls of wallpaper up before I go to bed.

  2. Hi Rev. Mugo

    Great recording. All the pops and hisses from the last one are gone. I won’t say more. I have a whole bunch of nothing to do today.


  3. Hello Rev Mugo,
    Good to hear your voice. I’ve recently been unemployed for several months and found it hard to allow myself a time to rest. The need to do rather than to be has in some ways been amplified by the lack of work, if that makes any sense. So your recording has helped me stop for a time. Thank you.

    Keith – Birmingham Sangha

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