Rev. Master Saido – Waving within the flames

It has been over forty-nine days since Rev. Saidō’s passing, and this is a significant juncture spiritually, marking the end of the period after death known as the Bardo, which is said to be an interim state when the connection of the newly-dead with this ‘world’ fades and their ‘going on’ is more in focus.

It is now time for us to let go, and our ‘going on’ to come into focus too. The flames of the Toro (the fire) represent and are the blazing up in the immaculacy of emptiness, a profound ‘letting go’.

Go on your way, dear Rev. Saidō, we love you. It is time to allow the flames to wave you on your way.

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8 thoughts on “Rev. Master Saido – Waving within the flames”

  1. Rev. Mugo,🙏. The reminder of letting go today is a gift. This would have been Todd’s and my 50 th wedding anniversary- at the Abbey 4/25/1973. Oh my how time flies… and other things!!

  2. Thank you Rev. Mugo. I guess the hole in my heart will also soften around its edges.
    Take good care, be safe and well.

  3. Thank you and that was so beautiful and a wonderful teaching!! Going on and always going on!! 🙏🙋‍♀️🙏

  4. Thank-you so much for sharing this beautiful ceremony online. I found it very moving and meaningful in memory of our beloved friend and teacher Rev Saido. Love to all. SJ xx

  5. It’s so hard to let go, especially when there are feelings of not wanting to let go. I’m not ready yet.

    1. Being willing to be willing to let go is about as good as it can get sometimes. And, how do you know when you have actually let go? A closed hand and an opened one is our experience all through life is it not?

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