Rev. Samual White – Nurturing Roots

Rev. Samual White
Rev. Samual White

What a smasher! This is my great grandfather who died when only 49 years old. The original photograph, measuring 20 by 16 inches, has just landed in America where my lovely second cousin Jessica will frame it and hand it on to future generations. A reminder of their family roots nurtured in Northern England. I don’t feel it is mere sentimentality to honour such family threads. They are just that, threads which hold us steady just as our feet hold us steady with all the marvel which is our body/mind rising up out of the ground. Here is some information about Rev. Samual, which if this blog remains on-line into the far future, will serve as feet planted into the soil to hold the reader steady when the wind blows. And when it doesn’t.

Rev. Samual White (1843 – 1892) was the first incumbent of St. Cuthberts church. He was a member of Hatfield College, University of Durham and took his Batchelor of Divinity in 1865. He was vicar of Marley Hill from 1874 – a good ‘living’ – house plus £300 a year. Before becoming vicar of St. Cuthberts Marley Hill he was the curate of Thornley 1865-67, Seaham Harbour 1867-70 and Marley Hill 70-74. Rev. White is listed in the 1868 University of Durham Calendar under Hatfield College as “White, Rev. Samuel, student in arts”.

It is a simple thing, to look behind oneself, stretch out an arm and catch hold of something from the past and hand it into the future. Recipients derive their own meaning.

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2 thoughts on “Rev. Samual White – Nurturing Roots”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo

    I just wanted to wish you well with your move of home & letting go.
    I have really loved to see your Jade Mountain picture — it takes me to my memories of living in south cumbria – so I guess I connected to it somehow – even though I have lived in beautiful Cornwall for the last ten years. Cumbria is still in my heart & I think I may have to paint those mountains again!

    I like very much the new & simpler blog heading & page —
    It has its beauty too.

    Thank you for your blog – I find it great in a wider sangha type way that you are out there.
    The dharma talks on the throssel & shasta websites are so good to listen to aswell, also the field of merit page has been great, as the nearest temple for me is Exeter.

    Anyhow, happy and gentle move – To beautiful Throssel, I havnt made it yet from Cornwall, but I shall.

    Kind regards

    Nic Yaffey

    1. Thank you so much Nic for your words of appreciation and support. Quite soon I will be traveling away from the UK and I will continue to post as I travel. Please continue to visit here and leave a comment when you are moved to do so.

      I love the Southern Lakes too and know Kendel quite well. It is particularly heartening to read what you say about the blog being great in a wider sangha type way. I will continue to be ‘out there’….in an ‘in here’ kind of way!

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