Bless This House

The evening of my time in Eastern Cumbria.
The evening of my time in Eastern Cumbria.

I snapped this picture the other evening while talking on the telephone. Just a moment, I need to take a photograph. My caller understood. The light was perfect and somehow the whole scene spoke to me. I’ve sat and worked beside this window in all weathers. Yes, and sometimes it seemed the weather can come indoors it being a chilly Victorian house with high ceilings.

This afternoon having vacuumed, cleaned, checked the window locks, picked up stray items, emptied the rubbish and everything stowed in the car I made my final bow at the altar. I wished the house well and those who come to live here in the future. Houses have a life to them. My father would say he wanted to leave a house better than when he and my mother moved in. On a physical level they certainly put in a lot of work with the fabric of the houses they lived in. However my father firmly believed, as I do, that one’s attitude of mind permeates one’s living space.  I didn’t know that adults argued until I went into the world of work! So that alone would have made their homes a happy place to walk into.  The left behind a good impression. They left a good impression on me.

Bless this house and all who find a home in it.

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