Rise Up

Still on matters Avian. I had it wrong about penguins, they live in Antarctica, all seventeen species of them. The Emperor Penguin, the largest of the family, makes a mere 3.7 ft. in height. Is it because they have a certain ‘presence’ that one would expect them to be taller? Anyway they are birds that don’t fly, except when leaping out of the ocean. Oh the joy!

There is a natural longing to reach into the limitless blue sky, to rise up. Everybody, no matter how burdened at present, will know what I am talking about here. It is part of our make up and what causes beings to ask fundamental questions like, “who am I”? “what’s life for”? Children ask, teens ask, adults ask and sometimes an answer is heard. What makes the difference is the readiness to listen.

Adoration to all the Buddhas,
Adoration to the limitless Teaching,
Peace! Speak! Blaze! Up! Open!
To the glorious peaceful One,
For whom there is no disaster.
Hail! Hail! Hail!

I silently recite this verse when danger is imminent, for example when taking off or landing in a ‘plane. As the engines roar, the rivets pop and oblivion seems inevitable, ‘prayers is what you got left’.

For those who are taking to the skies in the next few days, have a good and safe flight.

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One thought on “Rise Up”

  1. Good timing, just returned. After a 13 hour flight, to go into a holding pattern 20 miles from Heathrow is also good training! You think ‘why us and not the 90 minute flight from Frankfurt?’. It’s good to catch up with your blog after a computer free week (by choice). Many thanks.

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