Ru Xian Shi in China

Ru Xian Shi and Iain on Puto Shan. Ru Xian is 27 and has been a monk for two years. I will remember him with love and with gratitude.

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3 thoughts on “Ru Xian Shi in China”

  1. Now you’re in China! Just reading your first impression brings my memories of it back. I too, was suprised at the time (1997) that Buddhism was alive and well. I remember visiting the underground city in Beijing where there is a huge cavern under Tian-an-men Square. There I saw the biggest statue of Kwan-Yin i have ever seen. It was part of a well used shrine, there were lots of offerings around it.
    It really is good to follow your progress.

  2. Nice to see your photo Walter! I am writing this at Narita during a stop over before flying to Taipei in just 45 Mins.

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