Ryokan – 1 Finding the Truth


Ancient sages left their works behind, not to let us know
About themselves, but to help us understand our own stamp.
Songs of Ryokan, Chinese Poems #103

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4 thoughts on “Ryokan – 1 Finding the Truth”

  1. Over the next week or so I’ll be publishing lines from a couple of poems by Ryokan from a series of his Chinese poems. Doing this also gives me a chance to publish some of my many tree photographs. Hope you benefit, as I am, from this change of pace in terms of posts.

  2. Dear Rev Master Mugo,

    I love Ryokan! Thank you for posting some of his poetry. I always loved his poetry and what I knew of his life and then last time I stayed at Throssel Hole I read a complete book on him in the lay common room. :)

    I have actually attempted a ‘response’ poem to this one below by Ryokan that inspired me but I’m not satisfied that my one is there yet!

    Wild peonies
    Now at their peak in
    Glorious full bloom.

    Too precious to pick.
    Too precious not to pick.
    – Ryokan

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