Saving Grace – Humour

Now for a bit of fun – with food. Or about food. Specifically about factory farming pigs. Too good to miss animation

The video features the story of a farmer seduced by profits into large-scale unsustainable and unhealthy farming practices who decides to go “back to the start”, ridding the farm of its factory machinery resulting in happier and healthier animals.

And there is more fun as you scroll down the page to see other creative takes on grub. I particularly like the Embroidered Toast….

Clearly I am, as my mother would say when I’d scream into the night, you are over tired dear! (Which made me scream louder!) Enjoying these wacky takes on food this evening is my adult equivalent of letting off some steam – with laughter. Always good to remember how humour can be a saving grace.

Yes, I am tired and the plan is to rest. Hopefully this will include hiking, if the weather holds.

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7 thoughts on “Saving Grace – Humour”

  1. In following your link I came across an interesting chicken coop “the nogg” (see several pages on), but seemed pricey to me.

  2. Thank you Rev. Mugo for this post. The embroidered toast made me laugh. Hope you’ll recover from your fatigue and you’ll have lovely walks on the moors.

  3. Walked back from Hertford this morning with H. along the river, autumnal, many migratory geese, thinking no more than necessary (me that is, and probably also the geese). Went into a print shop to send a fax. Nothing unusual there, but the smile and help given made all the difference.
    You must be whacked, so do rest up. I hope you get smiles too when out and about.
    In gassho

  4. My comment to yours must have gone astray. I too saw the nogg and very impressive it is too. But pricey. I know somebody I need to send on the link too. I’d better fetch it soon before it gets lost from my mind.

  5. Hah! I was using that word to describe myself, my state, for some time last month and then something changed and I no longer used. Whatever, as the kids say!
    Yes, the kindness of strangers, the smile can catch one unawares and it radiates right through. Thank goodness that there are still smiles, open and generous ones, in this world of wow. Not too much wow, but some.

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