Screen Time?

The Buddha gather moss in the public garden at Throssel.

I will be pre-publishing nine posts to cover the period while we at Throssel are in retreat. During that time I’m going to do my best to deliberately limit my ‘screen time’ which will include not publishing or responding to any comments that you might leave. Do respond though, I’ll publish them when I’m back on-line.

In 1998 I signed up for email and was possibly the first monk to have an email address in the Order. At the time I had an inkling of how this means of communication would change my way of working, I hadn’t anticipated just how much and that the Internet (and thus screen time) would come to dominate my days. Not a complaint by any means and it will be interesting to see how I do these next days. Back to posting ‘live’ on the 16th, or thereabouts.

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One thought on “Screen Time?”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo
    Thank you for Jade mountain
    wishing you a good retreat
    Gratitude to you & all the monks🙏🏽
    Nic Y

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