In Search of Spring

Monday afternoon with no particular place to go and with the car radio on, I pointed south towards America. I quickly fetched up at an antique’s mall in the small town of Leduc, 30 mins south of Edmonton. Leduc is directly under the flight path of Edmonton’s International Airport, the main north/south train line run past one side of town and the main north/south road runs past the other side. A great town for train or plane spotting, most people just drive past on their way to somewhere else.

After a long wander in an antiques mall and a quick spin around a Dollar Store I followed directions to a lake, Telford Lake. Hiking briskly down the trail beside the lake there didn’t appear to be much of anything going on in the wild life department and everything was brown and still. That’s until I got up close to some catkins hiding their exuberant red new life. Spring is on it’s way, bursting through in unobtrusive and delicate ways, easy to miss if you’re looking for daffodil’s!

Ruffed Grouse

Big Bird

Blue Lake

Flat field

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5 thoughts on “In Search of Spring”

  1. Hi Reverend Mugo…just wanted to say thanks for not saying too much about Jukai because that made the experience even more powerful! I had a moment during the Sange ritual where the idea of “Pure Intent” really washed over me and I felt a knot inside really loosen up and felt a great “Openness”, hard to describe, but something like that! One journey to Jukai ended and a new journey begun!

    And SPRING has sPrUnG…getting back to Frankfurt from Throssel, I felt like I had stepped into a “Buddha Land” this morning as I rode my bike…bursting forsythia bushes, daffodils, crocus, weeping willows turned pale green and other trees blooming in every hue from deep maroon to white just barely tinged with pink! Lovely! And today we should have 18° and sun!

    All the best wishes from across the Big Pond! Jack

  2. I grew up in Leduc. I have a winter memory of “burning donuts” with my Gremlin on a frozen Telford lake. One year a jet crashed along side the lake.

    Spring for me means a return of the light. It stirs me and the earth to wake and push life from the sleepy place under the surface.

  3. Spring has certainly got starterd at last. Even in rain soaked Lancaster. These are nice pictures which say it all.

  4. Spring is almost over in South Florida as the first ducklings are teenagers now, and the humidity is rising. The temp has nudged into the 90 range once or twice. Butterflies are fluttering, birds are twittering, and even the local turtle has showed its head. The landscape is very different from that pictured — only the Big Birds are the same.

  5. Even if spring flowers are not yet blooming outside they are inside the Priory on the altars. Traditionly one changes altar flowers with the season.

    Thanks for news of spring, and other things, around the world.

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