Seats and Walls (Introduction)

For the next week or so the monastic community will be spending a lot of time meditating formally in the meditation hall. Postings here will continue with photographs, which were mostly taken within the monastery grounds.

It was a joy to revisit the hidden-in-plain-view sights. Have a good week and perhaps you can find a seat at home and join us as we all just sit, looking at a wall.

Many thanks once again to Iain at Little House in the Paddy for making the postings to Moving Mountains while I’m off-line for Sesshin.

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4 thoughts on “Seats and Walls (Introduction)”

  1. These little photo series’ are a meditation in themselves. I shall enjoy looking at a new one each day.
    Have a good sesshin.

  2. Dear Rev. Mugo,

    You won’t be reading this just yet, but my thoughts are with you in sesshin. It’s a motivation for me to do Zazen here too, alone and halfway up the mountainside. It took me about 5 minutes just to load this page… like being back in the 80’s! Thankfully there are no gales yet (other than when the plane landed, which was interesting); there is, however, a lovesick aging cat named Tipsy who sees fit to sit on my hands every time I settle for meditation. Purring karmic ball of black fur…

    Looking forward to seeing you again soon. In Gassho,


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