Second Self?

mini-ponyBelow is a poem, titled Freedom, by Simon Fletcher. It touched a spot for a Jade reader, and for me too.


I stroll up to the branching waterfall;
work done, I need fresh air and to be free.

It takes so long to find one’s second self,
it seems, and there you are, a friend and free

of negatives, who tops me up on tap.
Your love’s an ancient waterfall, a free

resource of life that brings me to my senses,
always there, flows from the hills, the free

and purple-hearted mountains, deep in clouds,
where ponies, wilder creatures wander free.

I tumble in your love and, smiling, know
you’ve given me permission to be free.
Simon Fletcher

Yes, it does seem on a certain level that the deepest part of ourselves, when ‘touched’, feels other. So unlike myself, one may think. Another case of attempting to refrain from slapping labels onto experience.

This morning the sun is shining, pain levels are less and that’s a good thing. Thanks to all who have wished me well this past (two) months. Help has come my way in many forms – and I’m so grateful. Tomorrow is, however, another day….

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4 thoughts on “Second Self?”

  1. A lovely poem! I’m so glad that you are in less pain, Rev. Mugo. I have been thinking of you, since our conversation. The weather makes all the difference. I noticed, this morning, that the constant gnawing pain that I have in my ribs, all through the wintertime, had gone. All hail the spring!

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