Seeds Don’t Grow In The Packet

This is word for word from the translation of the Eihei Koroku mentioned yesterday. All credit goes to the publisher and translator.

There is nowhere that the great Way of the enlightened ones is not present, no thing that does not contain it.
However, only people who have previously planted seeds of wisdom can sustain it.
That is why it is said, It cannot be seen in form or sought in sound.

The wind is still throughout the world;
birds cry, the mountains are quiet.
The crossroads are bright as daybreak,
the doors of the senses cool as autumn.
Half sitting where there is no doubt,
one sees illusions in a floating reflection.

Many people catch a glimpse of the true nature of existence. That’s to know training and enlightenment are not separate. To sustain (to live) that glimpse comes about through open handed giving.

Wisdom grows, when taken out of the packet. The koan (problem) of daily life is sowing skillfully.

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