Seven Days a Week

Seven days a week. Meditation-ceremonies-meals-community teas-business meetings-more meals and teas-washing up-walking in the rain-talking in the rain….singing in the rain! Then there is doing laundry-washing self-preparing for ceremonies-cleaning boots-sewing robes-answering emails-multiple refuge phone calls-lay ministry business. Not to mention-medical appointments-driving people to the airport-delivering cars for repair-shopping-non medical appointments. Yes and there is sleep too. Seven nights a week.

Then there is writing for Jade Mountains. This has to be in my spare time. This tends to be when everybody else is asleep. Everybody else is asleep!

Now that I’ve landed back in the monastery again postings are likely to be less frequent and responding to comments will be patchy at best. I’ll do my best to do what I can though. And thank you for leaving your comments by the way, all of them.

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5 thoughts on “Seven Days a Week”

  1. “go-yukkuri” which kind of means something like. . . please take your time and enjoy doing what you do. so, go-yukkuri to your work at the monastery and go-yukkuri to your blog. go-yukkuri to life.

  2. I want to thank you for sharing the Dharma and your training so faithfully. I have gradually come to realize that there is no separation. It was the quality of being the monks of the Order exhibited that “spoke the loudest” to me all those years ago when I first went to the Monastery at Shasta. Until I experienced it myself in the form of how I was (and am) affected by the training of the monastic community, how I benefit from the generosity inherent in it, I would never have understood what “training for self and others” really means.

  3. I too would like to say a big thank you for your support, emails. phone calls, and Jade Mountains amidst the barrage of other draws on your time.

    In gassho, Kevin

  4. One thing does follow briskly on another however I’m only too glad to respond to what comes my way. That is what my daily life is about.

  5. Thank you folks for your patience, interest, encouragement, inspiration and above all your support for the life I’m honoured to be able to live.

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