Sewing – reclaiming calm and Solitude

And finally a brilliant article in the Guardian about sewing. I rest my case.
"When I began to research my book, exploring the social, emotional and political significance of sewing, I discovered that during the Second World War, women who had crafted quilts and signature cloths in POW camps hadn’t made them in jolly spirit-reviving sewing bees. Instead, each woman sewed privately, reclaiming solitude and individual expression among the overcrowded and claustrophobic atmosphere of a camp where they were registered as a number. Through their embroidery they made time for themselves and through their sewn autographs they asserted their identity."

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9 thoughts on “Sewing – reclaiming calm and Solitude”

  1. Dear Rev. Mugo,

    This is interesting as I have been researching and planning on beginning to do slow stitch meditation. It is fascinating that your post is quite synchronistic for me and that I’ve had a number of different connections show up in my life pointing towards getting more involved in this creative adventure and that I am drawn to it as a sole endeavour.

    1. Well that is interesting. Is there a sort of ‘movement’ around slow stitching? And meditation? Do feel free to write about what you are doing. Use the contact form if you want, all mail is private.

      1. Hi Rev. Mugo,
        Yes, there is a slow stitch movement; there are a number of groups on Facebook where people post photos of their work and ask questions of other participants. I first was interested in the upcycling movement which is the re-use of clothing one already owns in order to be more sustainable and more gentle on the environment where the fast clothing business is notorious for pollution.
        But I was looking for something where I could do hand stitching and even mending in terms of the same goals,
        But I was very drawn to slow stitching in a meditative way. There is an interesting book called Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art by Claire Wellesley-Smith. I’m just getting started. I’m also involved with a group that meets monthly to do journalling with collages with paper but I’d like to incorporate the two … just feeling my way slowly. I’ve long been trying to find a way to get back into some form of art.
        Thank you for your interest!
        Best regards!

        1. Thanks for this, the book reference and the FB group. I have limited time to do hand sewing however when I do stitch, it’s a good stitching.

          1. You are welcome Rev. amigo. I can understand how limited time prevents slow stitching but it is an interesting option for a meditation I think.

  2. Thank you for those threads. :) I find sewing essential for my steadiness of mind and also as a way to express my wonder and gratitude for the Buddhist teachings particularly those of Reverend Master Jiyu.
    In gassho

    1. I’ll post a close-up of a section of one of the ‘pines’ and perhaps you could write a couple of paragraphs on your process and what ever you would like to say about the panels. Well I guess you will have to say there are four of them and the seasons.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article. It resonated deeply as I am currently sewing “bat wraps,” as much to calm my distress over the suffering of animals injured by the fires in Australia, as to help the little beings they are intended for.

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