Signs of Good Health

Now then, did you ever wonder how medical people keep their sanity? Did you ever wonder how anybody in high pressure jobs keep their sanity? Take me for example. How do I manage to keep a sense of proportion in the midst of all that comes into the life of a priest. The answer is, among other things, blogging!

If you are in any doubt at all about the medical people take a look at The First Draft, a mediblogging project. Here several bloggers, probably upright and upstanding professionals in the medical world, write a paragraph in turn, coming up with a somewhat bonkers story. It makes compelling reading, all the while thinking, ‘I could be facing one of the authors across a consulting room desk’!

Somebody wrote me saying they appreciated the sense of fun coming through the writing here. While religious practice is deadly (there goes that word again) serious pointing as it does to realizing the cessation of suffering, there is room for laughter. Hopefully not at the expense of others. To do that would not be right.

Over there in the medical blogging world, which I have obviously been exploring of late, they are casting votes for various categories of medi blogs. I went over and cast my vote for our ER nurse, down-under.

Hah! I wonder what happened to the Buddhist blogger awards this year.

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3 thoughts on “Signs of Good Health”

  1. Re the sentence by sentence story – it is very clever. I have been reading some message boards for people with disabilities & someone started a 3 word story on there before Christmas. It has over 1750 entries now. Doesn’t make a lot of sense though!

  2. Thanks for the vote of complimentce!
    And thanks for maintaining your small oasis for a burnt-out clapped-out undermeditated ED nurse.
    Ian (aka impactednurse)

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