Silent Vigil.

In the sub zero temperatures we are currently enjoying I find myself glancing out of the kitchen window willing the birds to find the, afore mentioned, feeder hanging from the washing line. By the way that’s the bigger and better feeder, which has attracted very few birds since putting it up. The other morning I spotted a sorry sight, a bundle of feathers all puffed up with the cold and eating away like there was no tomorrow. A sympathetic thought passed through my mind, “Hah, sometimes it takes getting that desperate”. As with frozen birds so it is with us mortals!

Many months ago a woman of my acquaintance spoke on the phone, “Well, I would not have thought I’d be grateful for all that’s happened in my life, however I am”, “I’d not change a thing, everything has brought me to this point, painful as it is, and I have everything I need to move forward”. This kind of sentiment is not rare, these people we call ‘marvelous’. They catch our attention because they are inspiring examples of people overcoming great difficulties. We meet them at the bus stop, read about them in the papers, they are everywhere.

It is coming up to the eleventh anniversary of my mothers death, she was a ‘marvelous woman’. The first blog I ever wrote was called “Entrenching Tool”. A good friend helped me to edit it and in the process helped me launch myself into the scary world of talking to the ‘world’ not knowing who in the world is listening. That was back in June 2003. That article was dedicated to my mother, writing it helped me to clarify my Blogging purpose. Thanks to all you unknown people out there who visit Moving Mountains, may we all move together.

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One thought on “Silent Vigil.”

  1. Edmonton -17°C. Singapore 31°C today. Could be worse, -18°C in Yellowknife! Sometimes the UK seems just fine.
    Grateful you decided to write in 2003 –
    In gassho

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