Simple Acts Of Kindness

In my mirror,
birth and age
sickness and death
Sour and sweet
bitter and hot,
true sweet dew.
Into the four forms,
my body disintegrates,
earth and fire
water and wind;
But like Buddha’s kindness
I am everywhere.

From Bones of the Master, by Tsung Tsai

Many thanks to Mischa for sending in this quote/poem. After long days of making arrangements for ceremonies it is good to get this uplifting piece. I sense that Iain has been everywhere, or almost. Messages are coming in with news of his kind acts. Simple acts of kindness.

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3 thoughts on “Simple Acts Of Kindness”

  1. For several years I have visited Jade Mountains and Little House in the Paddy almost every morning. You, Rev. Mugo, and Iain are important to my Buddhist practice.

    He will be greatly missed by many, even those of us who were never fortunate enough to meet him in person.

    Thank you for being a great inspiration to me and to others.

    In gassho,
    Doris Cohrs
    Georgia, USA

  2. Dear Doris,
    How wonderful that you have written here. That is much appreciated by me and by his family and friends. I am touched that you visited both of our sites regularly. Yes I will miss Iain and his blogging but keep visiting Little House you might find it continuing…..

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