Singing Silently

It had actually been weeks since we had last seen her smile, we weren’t even sure that she could anymore.

Tuesday. Tuesday is a wonderful child. She has survived and lived longer than anybody could reasonably expect. Her devoted mum and dad have devoted their lives these past six months and more. They have held out hope, lost sleep, worried much and continue in hope. All the while knowing that Tuesday will sooner rather than later, die.

February 1st. Her dad turns her on to some funky music, just for fun. And this is what happened.

I remember when my ordination sister was close to death back in 1987 I think it was. My teacher went to see her and I remember her saying something about her not smiling, not being able to smile. Seeing Tuesday’s inside smile, coming out, reminds me of those last days back in 1987. Don’t know why.

There are a number of reasons why the smile. I know people who smile so big it cannot be contained and spreads out past their body. And most of us have a social smile, which is fine, and better than snarling any day!

I think the smile is the heart bursting into song and the song’s so loud it breaks out all over the face.

Have a thought for Tuesday, her parents and also all those parents awaiting a new arrival, very soon and later.

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6 thoughts on “Singing Silently”

  1. Magical Trevor made me smile too. I loved the bit where the cow does a press conference to talk about his trip.

  2. Thanks! Brought a smile and a few tears—which makes a nice mix for cleaning the face and heart for the day! Jack

  3. Well, little Tuesday and her parents certainly did get some attention and that is good. They all can use spiritual merit and that is why I linked to the site.

    And as a consequence of my mentioning babies yet to be born I discovered that my nephew reads my blog and his sister, my niece, will hopefully be producing a little one in August. When that happens I’ll be a Great Aunt, twice!

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