Sitting Up High

Dear Readers,
I am in a remote part of Northern California high up on a mountain ridge. There are trees in every direction. The sky is blue and the sun is shining. I’m retreating. There is a slow internet connection so any posts that I make will be brief.

In a real way you all are sitting up here too.
In gassho,

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5 thoughts on “Sitting Up High”

  1. Nice to be there with you…sometimes I miss my home of the Rocky Mountains! The California ones are very similar…take care of yourself and say “Hi” to the Milky Way if you can see it at night like I could in my high mountain village! A big bow and smile…Jack

  2. Wishing you a restful and refreshing retreat, Rev. Master Mugo.

    We are enjoying blue skies as well. Spring is sprung, and summer is on its way.

    Bowing, Jeannine

  3. In a real way you all are sitting up here too.

    Nice to know this. Especially just now as my wife took a tumble last week and broke both her arms so is needing all the nursing care I can give.

    Thanks for reminding me where the true refuge lies, even in the middle of life’s storms.


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