Sitting Still Helps The Process

It’s not that often I get caught up in a scheduling crunch however I did this morning. There was a ceremony I’d committed myself to attend and a dentist appointment I HAD to go to. (Broken tooth. Patch essential.) I could juuust about see how it could work. There was juust about time to attend at least part of the ceremony and make the appointment on time. That’s if everything happened on time, if…and if…..and if….

This sort of situation can drive one to distraction. Need, wish, intentions (good ones), feelings (ones own and those of others), timing, unknowns, x factors all swimming about in ones mind. I’ve learned, although I don’t necessarily always remember, that it’s best not to act precipitously in such situations. Better to…empty the dust bin, do a short errand, photocopy something. Anything, (obviously not anything anything!) play for time, anything to give one of the x factors a chance to materialise. Walk down the lane and back. This morning if I’d checked the daily schedule I’d have known earlier the puzzle would not, could not, fit. There was a meeting scheduled, that was the missing piece of the puzzle. The x factor. And, as I put in a note, it didn’t work out that I could come to the ceremony.

This small event can mirror periods of ones life. It’s as if the pieces don’t fit together, no matter how hard one tries to get them to do so. What a relief to be able to say to oneself it didn’t work out, it’s not working out. And move on. Easier said, than done.

If you are in a situation, small, medium or large, where the pieces don’t seem to fit together – it’s probably a good idea to allow yourself the possibility that you are missing a puzzle piece or two. They will come. Given half a chance. Sitting still helps the process.

Acceptance essential, action unavoidable.

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