Skittering Kitten

This for those who can’t have enough cat or kitten input.
On video. From Russia.

This video brings to mind the admonishment by Zen Master Dogen in Rules for Meditation, which goes thusly: Do not spend so much time in rubbing only part of the elephant. What we see (in our everyday way) IS only part of the elephant, no wonder we can get all worked up over stuff. But what’s a little kitten to do when faced with A BALL! Well skitter about until…it gets bored and then find something else to skitter with. What do we do? Perhaps remind ourselves that there is always a bigger picture. And keep that in mind.

You can fetch the whole of Rules for Meditation as a .pdf file from the Shasta Abbey website.

Thanks to my Throssel walking companion for the link. Keep sending those links my way please.

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2 thoughts on “Skittering Kitten”

  1. I just love the way that all cats at intense emotional moments suddenly take time out to feign disinterest in the object of their attention by taking a scratch behind their ear (and usually the left one).

    Come to think of it ear scratching is something that I always seem to do at some point during meditation too …

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