My need for sleep is winning over my intention to keep posting. Sorry to say.


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6 thoughts on “Sleep….”

  1. …when that “get-up-and-go” has got up and gone. Those owls have got the right idea methinks.

    and a smile.


  2. I am noticing a connection between using the computer late at night and quality of sleep, and the quality of my attention the following day.

    No, not hibernation Miles although post thoughts have been slow in coming.

  3. Hmm, yes, that might be a (big) problem for me…

    Email, social media, and perpetual browsing – there’s no end to it!

    This blog is always a good point to stop (and remember to stop); and that is a real help
    – thank you.
    Long may it continue.

  4. If visiting Jade is a good point to stop, while on the internet, and a real help for just one person in terms of reconnecting with daily life practice (meditation, compassion, Precepts) then….that is just wonderful. Long may we/I continue to read/write Jade.

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