Slow Sunday – Video of Swans Squawking!

Here is another short video from Sunday Morning

Nature: Swans at Cayuga Lake

Do take a moment to just listen to these swans, gradually I became engaged with the sight and sounds. It took patience and acceptance at first. Perhaps because nothing much is happening, no story, no punch line. Just swans squawking. Talking?

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5 thoughts on “Slow Sunday – Video of Swans Squawking!”

  1. Sadly can’t see the video here in Canada. Apparently uploader has to make it available in our country?
    Would love to hear swans. Went bird-watching with a lovely group this am, there were three trumpeter swans, two barred owls, and so mild and lovely. Being in nature is SO healing!

    1. Oh, too bad Diane. I’ll record some slow video’s here when I get a chance. I like the idea of just watching nature, even if it is just a river flowing or something like that. Yes, so healing.

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