Small Actions – Merit Of

North Western Lakes. ‘Somewhere’

What makes Dogen different from all other thinkers? someone asked when I gave a talk at St. John’s College in Santa Fe.
“His deep trust in action,” I replied. “Facing the enormity of the problems in the world, we often become cynical doubting that individual action can make a significant impact. Dogen’s view of the power of each individual action can be a driving force in challenging this cynicism.
So wrote Mr. Kazuaki Tanahashi, translator of Dogens works. Written in 2001

Zen Master Dogen indeed trusted in action. My monastic upbringing and practice points to even the smallest action, such as putting your shoes straight, as having deep significance. Small actions, big impact.

Out walking these past couple of days. I’m sure ‘somebody’ can name the features in the above photograph taken on Monday. A memorable day not least because my hat evaporated into thin air. Or so it seemed! I’ve got others. No worries.

More from Dogen on action as I once again drag my luggage south on public transport.

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3 thoughts on “Small Actions – Merit Of”

  1. “Small actions, big impact.”
    That’s something that is becoming increasingly significant as I get older. The little things that make the big difference.

    Thank you for this.


  2. Oh go on then: with the slopes of Darling Fell immediately to the left, on the horizon you have Mellbreak, High Stile, Red Pike, Pillar, a sliver each of Black Crag and Scoat Fell, then Starling Dodd and Hen Comb, and finally the rising bulk of Carling Knott. Also you can just make out Brabndreth and Grey Knotts to the left of Mellbreak. Loweswater is in the foreground. in gassho

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