Snow Storms – How To Walk In Them

This morning I was sitting in on a tea and talk at one of our temples. It was a delight to be there and especially wonderful to meet a long-time and loyal reader. One of the questions on the table was about how to deal with the snow storm of distractions that come at you in life. At work for example. The Reverend launched into several great responses. All the while I was thinking, Snow storm, snow storm? – looking out the window at the leaves being blown around wildly in the high winds. – Snow storm/leaf storm. How does one behave in a snow storm? And just as I’d got my head straight on the question, and answer. The Reverend gave more or less the same answer! That’s the way it happens sometimes. Great minds think alike, or together at least.

I’ll not go into what I came up with on the matter because the answer is obvious when one think in terms of how one deals with an actual snow storm. Or leaf storm! Hum. The question of distractions generally is interesting tho’. Storms come and storms go. Snow melts and the leaves, lots of them at the moment, rot. Eventually.

Daily life practice is really very straight forward. We overly concern ourselves with being blasted off our perch in a gale, or what ever. When in actual fact we are moving with the wind. And, still there is sitting still.

Jim left a posting this evening. The ending sentence goes thusly:

…It reminds me that we are not just homo sapiens (those who know) but homo sapiens sapiens (those who know they know).

Good day all in all, even with the high winds and rain. Lots of good company – great to meet you Dave, O newly discovered reader.

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