Looking up the valley towards Coalcleugh once a thriving community in some of the most inhospitable conditions in England. Lead mining was the industry here.

One of our guardian lions with the monks meditation hall and private rooms in the background.

Hotei with cloak and splendid hat. Jolly as ever.

The Medicine Buddha sitting sedately amidst our new fall of snow. The hillside in the background, with fledgeling trees guarded against the invasion of rabbits.

Walking through the yard this lunchtime I bumped into the monks who takes an interest in the grounds. As the snow fell she was opening out a bundle of wire netting to wrap around rabbit vulnerable shrubs. I’d thought to let her know about the wonderful web site, mentioned in a recent comment, which lists rabbit resistant plants. As well as hints on plant protection, but thought better of it. Now was not the time, obviously!

You can view the moors via web cam if you want, looks rather bleak to me. If you follow this link you will see a map of this area. At the top right hand segment of the map is Carr Shield and the monastery is near there. I’ll be driving over Hartside, bottom left segment of the map, on Saturday. That’s weather permitting.

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4 thoughts on “Snow!”

  1. With the red berries in the background Hotei looks positively Saint Nick-ish. Impossible not to smile back at that smiling face.

  2. Great photo’s!
    Inspiring too, sitting through all conditions.

    I find it a bit of a relief to see snow these days!

  3. Nice to see a bit of snow on Alston Moor again. We don’t get the winters we used to when I lived up that way all those years ago.
    There used to be an old Alston saying, ” the best place for snow is on a Christmas Card.” I think its nice it again. Let’s hope Hartside clears by Saturday then.

  4. Glad you all liked the snow photos. We have had a bit more today too. The roads have been quite terrible although people did go out on shopping trips today.

    Yes Tom, one can’t help but smile at Hotei’s smile. But did anybody notice the human figure in that photo, coming in from the left? Nifty I thought.

    I was in Alston on Monday wandering about the ancient streets. Now what was it that was filmed in the back streets Norman? Anyway Alston is well know as the only town in England that owns it’s own snow plough. Also it’s the highest town in England, which might explain the snow plough!

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