So! – Aids to Right Speech

So, here I am once again traveling. Since getting back from The Netherlands I’ve been ‘on the road’ visiting in Derbyshire and the East Midlands. So’s a great opener and many people find it almost impossible to start a talk or open a conversation with any other word. So, how come you are limping? So, when shall we plan to meditate this evening?

Such small words might seem to be unnecessary and silly however they do serve a function.

The truth is that so is a filler-word, and we all use filler-words. The thing is – well, I mean, you see – the human mouth can work an awful lot faster than the human brain. Nobody can think as fast as they can speak, and we all develop strategies to cope with it. Harold Wilson’s was probably the best. He did not smoke a pipe, or at least not in private. The pipe was there to help him through interviews. When he was asked a difficult question, he could fill it, tamp it down, light it, inhale, exhale, and all the time he was secretly thinking.

From Telegraph article.
Nobody can think as fast as they can speak. Now there is something to ponder when thinking about Right Speech.

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