Sometimes I Think It’s Thursday!

The following came to mind this morning as I sat relaxing on the back porch of the home where I’m being hosted. It has been three days since arriving in the Botanie Creek Road area above Lytton in the mountains of BC. Today the weather forecast calls for a high of 40 c! We have reached 34c so far and the day is not over yet.

Picture it. Two hippopotamus wallowing in a mud pool in the noon day sun. It’s hot, very hot. It’s still. Not a whisper of a breeze to ruffle the glass like water around them. Eventually in the midst of their revery one Hypo turns slowly to the other and thinking out loud says, Sometimes I think it’s Thursday!

Still morning on Botanie Creek Road nr. Lytton, BC, Canada.
Still morning on Botanie Creek Road Nr. Lytton, BC, Canada.

Life has been full these past days, and good days too. I have been struck daily by the extra ordinary people I’ve been meeting. Each encounter fleeting yet not at the same time. I’d not know where to start or what to miss out should I attempt to describe these days since last writing. So I will not try. Enough to say a huge thank you to all those people I’ve met, who have kindly listened to me talking about our shared Buddhist practice and who have shared with me windows on their lives.

Here on Botanie Creek Road the forest fires are out and the temple buildings were not touched though the flames came within yards before the winds changed direction. Life can change direction in a blink of an eye. Fires out of control and close to home brings that reality close to home. Yes, sometimes mercifully there is relaxation in the hot summer sun and sometimes, most of the time, we have to be brightly present where we are right now.

However I am struggling to keep track of which day of the week it is. I can forgive myself for that.

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