Standing Stones


Sometimes one stands and talks, and sometimes one just stands. And stands and stands. Upright. You have to hand it to these rocks – they have been through a lot. And they are still standing – perhaps talking too!

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6 thoughts on “Standing Stones”

  1. mmm… standing still, upright and not talking sounds good to me. Just over 6 weeks back at work and the world has being whirling around.

    In gassho, Kevin

  2. Or maybe they even dance when the moon is full and the stars sing! I hope your travel over the big waters and mountains went well.

  3. Nice to see you here. Happy Wesak to you an’ all. Hope to be ‘over the hills’ by the end of the year….

  4. Travel good, arrival good…and now being here good. Thankfully my onward plan is starting to take shape this morning. Good!

  5. Have you noticed how children rarely stand still, and if they do not for long? No wonder the world is whirling around – it IS! But you know what to do to help the situation. Good fortune.

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