Still stitching?

Yes. Yes to ‘lifting the needle’ as Rev. Master Jiyu would term the honorable art. And still in the sense of a certain calm or stillness that comes about when making stitches. One after the other, slowly. Slow sewing. Try it. Or, slow walking, slower talking (that’s one for me). Slower just about anything one tends to rush with.

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One thought on “Still stitching?”

  1. One of the benefits of caring for people (mother, husband, grandchildren) who either can’t or who are not willing, in the case of one particular grandchild of mine, to walk very quickly, is that I have no choice but to slow down to their pace. It can be frustrating when I need to get somewhere in a hurry, but mostly it is a good opportunity to slow down my steps and other bodily movements. I’m usually following a schedule in my head, which the slowing down cuts right across and there is suddenly a dropping of the thought process and a greater awareness of what I am doing.

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