Storklet’s – Really!

See my comment attached to this post for further details.

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3 thoughts on “Storklet’s – Really!”

  1. Yes. Doing a bit of further investigation on the Black Storks that come to Latvia are indeed a subject of intense national interest. And pride. This spring a Webcam was trained on a nesting pair of the rare Black Storks (named acorn and oak). Latvia TV even posted updates on egg hatching progress, breaking news style, across the bottom of the TV screen. Eventually the ‘chicklets’ hatched and no doubt national celebrations followed! If you want to join in the fun search on Black Stalks Latvia.

    Now back in England. Phew!

    1. It is a lovely picture – but that I had taken it! I should rightly have credited the image but….or however… I was doing that post on my phone on the train from the airport to Preston. The connection was going in and out as we traveled and so just getting the image onto the blog was a major achievement. I posted it too quickly so had to leave the comment to go with the image……love those Storks.

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