A Story To Tell

He strides through the suburban jungle, alert, and glad and proud to be a CAT!
And just as glad to rest, relax, knowing if cats could talk amazing stories would abound.

Well I will speak for Matti. He who out on the prowl one night entered a home via the cat flap. Trespass! Where he found a live mouse. Theft? He brought the mouse back home in the small cage it was living in. Dragging it noisily through his own cat flap, which wasn’t that easy. Matti then had a pet mouse! Matti’s person, Angie, was not amused, not in the slightest. Matti could NOT HAVE a pet mouse in the house, in side or outside of a cage. He may have pulled this trick more than once. I can’t remember how the story ends….

And speaking of stories and story telling. I recently heard of Spoken Word Poetry, or simply Spoken Word. It’s rather an attractive form. If we could understand what cats are saying I’d imagine it would be akin to Spoken Word Poetry.

Thanks to Julius for sending the link to this video of a rather talented young woman called Sarah Kay. It is a TED talk and they generally last for 18 mins. Well worth watching to the end.

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9 thoughts on “A Story To Tell”

  1. As the person who shares a home with said Matti – I was never his ‘owner’- I give the story from my perspective. Who knows where he found the humane mouse trap. He brought it indoors through one of his two cat flaps, how he managed it is a mystery as the traps are made of hard plastic & would seem large to carry in his mouth. There was a confused little mouse inside which scooted off through the fence when I opened the trap – outside fortunately.
    Other live mice have been brought home to live with us for varying periods. One stayed a few months before I sneaked up behind it with a tea towel – it had grown careless & was sitting on the hearth rug with its back to me one morning.
    Matti brings them for me to play with, usually in the early hours of the morning so he releases them in the bedroom, usually unharmed apart from shock presumably. Then he loses interest.

    We currently have an elusive shrew in residence somewhere but I can’t catch it so far. It is too clever to enter any of the humane traps I have tried so I am trying to live comfortably alongside it.
    Then there was the rat trap I found under the bed complete with dead mouse attached. He’d found that in a neighbour’s shed across the road I think.

  2. for introducing me to this rather interesting chap. However somewhere there is a niggle and I can’t put my finger on what that might be.

  3. Yes, I have seen it several time and also read her book as well. Both well worth returning to from time to time. Thanks for leaving the link. I shortened it and added the reference.
    Hope you and the tribe are doing OK this winter Myles. Hope I have got the right Myles….Uk Myles?

  4. Dear Myles,
    Oh thanks so very much for leaving the comment. Thinking of you and T. brings a smile to my heart. Warm winter where you are I hear.

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