Less Day, More Night

There were severe weather warnings put out a few days ago of gale force wind and heavy prolonged rain fall. Where I am there were a few crashes and bangs in the night however in the morning there were no signs of damage. No chimney pots or roof tiles in pieces in the road or uprooted trees. All the same it was a wild 24 hours and I stayed indoors. Weather disturbances. There is every indication that Britain is in for another hard winter too.

And sitting here in the calm of this night I’m glad to be settled to sit through the weather of winter. And the weather of life too. Winter brings its call to settle, to reflect and to move within. Not that daily life discontinues, obviously, more a sense of moving deeper within oneself and being more indoors than out. Of taking this opportunity to move deeper as the nights draw in. Lighter later in the mornings, darker earlier in the evenings.

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6 thoughts on “Less Day, More Night”

  1. Both kids have never ending relays of bugs at the moment so this hits home in a needing to stay in way. Thank you. If I’m being really honest, all of us in this house are prone to short tempers and lots of whining, especially when getting, and being, and getting over being ill. So the reminder to withdraw inwards is timely in more ways than one.

    In gassho, Rachel

    ps – I think the kids would still like the chance to contemplate the world from the seat of a swing, no matter whatever or wherever the weather is.

  2. Rachel and family, all of ’em! Thanks so much for stopping by. Sometimes, just sometimes, I get a bit downhearted for not hearing from people. So, hearing about you about your little family is, great. Bugs are about, thankfully so far I’ve not caught any. Lovely morning this morning in….Lancashire. Just a temporary. Just like those bugs I guess!

  3. Oh I stop by a lot, but time and toddlers stops most comments. Current play dough wars should really be stopping this one too. Glad you are well, and yes the bugs are temporary, as are all the other worries. Trying very hard to stay focussed on crisp winter skies and cobwebs covered in frost, and allow my worries a voice but not a takeover.

    In other news, spare a thought for Deborah. She has started pre school and it’s really showing up the fact that there might be a something to deal with. Privately and totally non officially (as a result of pushing from me) one of the members of staff thinks it may be Aspergers or similar. We are in the process of being referred for a diagnosis.

  4. Thanks for leaving this message Rachel. I will put young Deborah on my personal Transfer of Merit list. I keep this on a sticky not (an electronic one) on my computer desktop. My best love to you and to the tall manly one. Hope he is doing OK. Play dough wars! What fun, but not for mum.

  5. Well Ian is fine – he sort of smirked and looked embarrassed when asked how he was. His health seems ok ish, but work is pressured and he’s looking for a job where the onus is more on the work than the pressure. He makes a great dad though. Thank you for putting Deborah on your merit list, she will welcome it. We took her to the Priory on Sunday for the Buddha’s Enlightenment and Deborah lit up like a little star. It was wonderful to see. She has her own, very special connection to Dharma totally independent of us. We just heard the following on her baby monitor which I thought you might like:

    “Not have ears, not have mouth, not have elephant, not have door, not have fingers, not have hippo, not have momobot, not have momobot, (then with feeling and satisfaction) I AM momobot”

    Momobot is a current figure on children’s tv – do you recognise snatches from the Heart Sutra?

  6. Wow, that little girl _does_ have a special connection with the Dharma and no mistake. Heart Sutra indeed! Thanks Rachel, and Ian.

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