Stumbled Upon…

…a video of an Elephant painting a self portrait. This is for those who have a fast Internet connection or, like me, patience.

However sometimes all the patience in the world doesn’t result in getting what one wants! Patience is bigger than that.

Thanks to Duncan for the link, and for his patience too.

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2 thoughts on “Stumbled Upon…”

  1. Dear Rev Master – lovely to read your thought provoking blog and for the link to the above. As I dabble in Chinese Brush Painting myself I really appreciated his/her mastery of the brush and the creation of ‘chi’ in the painting. I have forwarded the link to my brush painting friends including the editor of our Chinese Brush Painting magazine who I am sure will also enjoy it. Hope you enjoy your stay in Edmonton. In gassho Alison Prudence (Reading BP)

  2. Yes, what a delight to see you in the comments Alison. I hope I’ll get to view the video all in one go. Up to now I’ve been on a slow connection, thus the need for patience. I’m glad to know you are there traveling along with me this summer.

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