The Sunday Cat

Portobello Priory, Edinburgh, on a Sunday morning. A few of us are gathered, drinking tea before the first meditation period of the day. A light refreshing sea breeze catches the curtain. Oh look, there’s the Sunday Cat!


I enter.

I make my mark.
I leave

This posting has been slightly edited, 15th April, 09.

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4 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat”

  1. A replacement for the Sunday paper?

    Question: Do I live here, or am I a curious passer-by?

    Thank you for delightful photos!

  2. She visits most Sundays apparently. But when the building work is completed on the block of flats the scaffolding will go and kitty will have no way of reaching the window. I guess she could try the front door…. Do you remember our black and white back-door visitor, Fluff was it, and our black front-door visitor from the other neighbour at Reading Priory?

  3. Glad you like the photographs Margaret.

    I was struck by the wonderful elegant shape of the cat climbing down from the window. Such poise. Such balance. Such audacity!

    Your question: Do I live here? is interesting is it not? Interesting for all of us. Living here, now, is no small matter. I guess that’s why I found the cat interesting. I come. I make my mark. I leave. And her phantom like presence, depicted in the photographs, is so like how it is with people some times. They come. They make their mark. They go. …and whisps of them waft around for awhile.

    Our marks are everywhere. The impressions we make on others, the impressions others make on us.

    And still there is nothing from the first. Right?

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