Surf’s Down

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Sadly it was late evening before I managed to get away from the phone and computer. Some days a just like that. When I finally emerged from the house and started walking along the ‘front’ as we call it there was a barking and a whining coming out of the gloom off shore. The seals habitually lounge on a rock just off the point on West Cliff Drive. You can see where that is on the map. When I reached Lighthouse Field State Beach surfer were pealing off their wet suits on the sidewalk (pavement). About a dozen hopefuls were still bobbing around below but there was hardly any swell at all. When the surf is up one gets a grandstand view of Steamer Lane beside Lighthouse Field Beach. If you think surf and Santa Cruz that’s the place to go gorp!

Whether one is in the water or a dedicated watcher I can see how very compelling this surfing business can be. As I walked along West Cliff Drive last evening there was a certain thrum of anticipation that’s infectious. I catch it every time I find myself in Santa Cruz, which isn’t that often. Clearly people can live their lives centered around the state of the waves, wind speeds etc.

One could live for worse, I guess. And….The means of training are thousand fold but pure Zazen must be done. Zen Master Dogen – Rules For Meditation. In other words surfin’ sitting OK, AND sitting sitting is essential.

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