Thank you day

What can be said
for the day?
Had a good one
Had a long one
Had a full one
Just another one?

All the
Livelong day.

To the monk
this evening.
Life is too short
dragging todays
into tomorrows

Thank you day.

And thanks for your ear Reverend, I know you’re out there reading this. As is my near neighbour next door.

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5 thoughts on “Thank you day”

  1. Thank you for this Reverend. Things have been hard for me lately & this caused great joy to arise. Thank you.

    1. Dear good friend,
      I am really glad that yesterdays post brought joy. And so sorry about the hard times you are facing. Hopefully not for too much longer aye.

  2. Love your poem…. hit home that “life is too short for dragin’ todays into tomorrows.”
    Beautiful pic- is that Mt. Shasta?

    1. Hi Jessica, Yes that is Mt. Shasta and a beauty in winter white. We anticipate the snow coming down to where we are sometime this winter. Maybe. Glad you like the poem. I can’t claim it to be a poem it is just that when I post on my phone it easier to use a short line format. If it works as a poem that’s good. I guess.

  3. Thank you, Rev. Master Mugo for all your bright mindedness.
    Trusting each other even when one of us is not at our best is always helpful. Occasionally we notice the mistake and correct it all on our own.

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