Thankful for Small Mercies

The photo below is a detail of iron work at Hexham station, taken a couple of days ago. Faded and rusted yes but there is still ‘glory’ within our railway system. Me thinks

Just 5 minutes into my journey the train hit something on the line, we were stationary for 25 minutes. Announcements came ‘the train has run out of air’. We breath in, ‘no problem here!

And so, I arrive eventually at my destination about an hour later than expected. Along the way, kindness. Along the way, the trains arrived and departed. Along the way, we are safe. Kept safe. Is there something good here amongst the funkyness. Yes. And that’s glorious in a world gone slightly bonkers.

‘Be thankful for small mercies’. My mother would repeat. Quite often.

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One thought on “Thankful for Small Mercies”

  1. I envy the British rail system. Even the small lines, like the one that delivers people to Hexam, are a pleasurable treasure. Thanks for bringing back my memories of travel there.

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