Thanks Giving

Does gratitude
An object?


Is gratitude
An attitude
Of Mind.



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5 thoughts on “Thanks Giving”

  1. The phrase that instantly popped into my head is “joyful openness.” Not sure exactly what that means as relates to your post. Will have to think about it some more.

  2. I think it leads to Wellbeing. A state of mind that can have physical benefits. This in turn can perpetuate wellbeing and so on.

  3. Hello Rev. Master Mugo,
    As I reflect on gratitude it seems that I am reflecting WITH gratitude; that it is somehow in the nature of the heart/mind itself. Yes, a part of me may feel burdened or be feeling a sense of lack. And the spaciousness of reflection may let the burden be held more lightly or dissolve completely. This seems somehow more than an attitude of mind.

    Then again, conditions may change and suddenly the sense of lack or burden is lifted and natural gratitude emerges to the forefront. It’s easy to attribute that to some object, person, or relationship and yet the felt sense of gratitude is the same. Always fresh, yet the same.

    So, the short answer to the question is: both and neither.

    However, for me, it’s in the lived experience of the workings of it all where even saying “both” or “neither” seems to say too much. How, then, to express this gratitude except by BEING grateful when it shines through?

    Wishing you and the community all the best!

    In gassho, Jim

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