The Abode of Enlightening Beings – Our Abode

A boundless host of enligtening beings, the congregation at the site of enlightenment, were all gathered there; by means of the ability to manifest the lights and inconceivable sounds of the Buddhas, they fashioned nets of the finest jewels, from which came forth all the realms of action of the spiritual powers of the Buddhas, and in which were reflected images of the abodes of all beings.

Also, by virtue of the aid of the spiritual powers of the Buddha, they embraced the entire cosmos in a single thought.

Their lion seats were high, wide, and beautiful. The bases were made of jewels, their nets of lotus blossoms, jeweled-abodestheir tableaus of pure, exquisite gemstones. They were adorned with various flowers of all colours. Their roofs, chambers, steps, and doors were adorned by the images of all things. The branches and fruits of jewel trees surrounded them, arrayed at intervals.

Avatamsaka Sutra. Taken from the first chapter.

For those who do not have a stable ‘abode’. It may be humble, it might be compromised (our psycho/physical abode), it could look like nothing very much at all from the outside. From the inside, though?

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2 thoughts on “The Abode of Enlightening Beings – Our Abode”

  1. More Avatamsaka? Translated by the miraculous Thomas Cleary? If not,then ,how wonderful anyway. I have been thinking about the “feral” time in my youth,when I wandered around uk and Spain,homeless and moneyless.The time of my life.The pivot of exploration and discovery.I feel lucky ,richly gifted.Thank you for the reminder.🙏

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