The Best Days

Coming to the monastery can be a very special time and can leave a deep and lasting impression. This was written by a young woman in about 1992 following her first-weekend stay. Then later she wrote a song titled The Best Days..

These are the best days by far,
Sleeping bags in a row,
The moon is shining on me all night,
And I just don’t want to go.

Tracey Curtis, Singer/Songwriter

Tracy is an all-around gem, glad and proud to know you good woman. I could sing your praises, but I’ll refrain! You are another one who came and never really left!

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One thought on “The Best Days”

  1. Oh I know that feeling Tracey,snuggled into the crook of the hill,the golden Buddha and the gleaming monks,everything dissolved,just open consciousness.It is possible to live this way,in trust and simplicity.

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