The Elderly

The space where the elderly live.

In this empty space was once a thoughtful piece about the elderly. (Sadly just deleted by accident.) Perhaps another time. But just to remember the elderly, the collective of old people, and their struggles. There will always be elders for us. I believe they deserve our respect.

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6 thoughts on “The Elderly”

  1. Alas, alas, for accidental deletion. How frustrating it can be, and I’m sad not to be able to hear what you have to say on the topic.

    1. I’ll most likely return to the topic regularly. I’m in contact with quite a few people at the moment who are both elderly and ‘infirm’. Each show me something valuable.

  2. I’d echo Chris.
    I remembered this short reflection by Dr Rowan Williams when I read your post (or ‘non-post’). (Excuse a comment on what you didn’t write, but I hope you can find the gumption to have another go at the lost post).

  3. Sadly, there was recently a story I believe in the New York Times that said that the odd fact that the lifespan of the elderly has increased slightly during the recession might be due to the fact that because of the bad economy, better people are taking jobs in nursing homes and home health care.

    When will we give these workers the status and the money they deserve?

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