The green mountains are forever walking

*From the Shobogenzo, (The Eye and Treasury of the True Law), chapter Sansuikyo, “The mountain and river Sutras” by Great Master Dogen. Note: In some translations of this chapter the above quote reads “The green mountains are forever moving…”

This morning I woke with the words of something I wrote while I was out walking a couple of days ago. You can see part of it over there to the left under the title to this ‘Blog’, (that’s short for ‘Web Log’ by the way). Here is the whole piece:

Rise up!
Rise up and greet the dawn.

Step out!
Step out and the Great Earth,
Leaps joyfully.

Walk on!
Walk on and forget…

It is said that the Great Earth is the foundation of gratitude and refers to the fundamental ground of Everything. That’s a ‘great’ larger than normal conceptions.

So, now there are many hours in the air with Air Canada, 18 hours I think.

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5 thoughts on “The green mountains are forever walking”

  1. Hi, just to let you know I’m following you blog – although blogs are all very new to me so I hope you get this message. 18hours in the air seems a very long time. WHile you are doing that I will be planting dahlias, sowing a meadow and pricking-out tomatoes.

    i see you are going to Taiwan. In the forests in the middle of the island is a plateau where the temperature is always zero degrees – it never varies, whatever the time of day or night, whatever the season.


  2. Hi Rev Mugo,

    I hope you had a reasonable flight. I also hope you are going to take lots of pictures and download them to your site for we travellers who can no longer (sadly) get much further than Brittany (this June again all being well ). So I shall follow your journey with gratitude that you are willing to share it with others.

    Just had another difficult day but things looking up at 20.40hrs GMT. Will keep in touch,

    Safe journey!

  3. Hi Rev Mugo. So sorry I didn’ get a chance to see you before you left to wish you well on your journey (inner and outer). My blessings to you and to all you meet along the way. Take care, Susan

  4. I’m looking forward to reading about your journey. You are following a wonderful road and showing me the paving stones in the process. If you look behind you can just see me in the distance.

    Michael in Edmonton

  5. This is my first ever Blogger entry – isn’t technology wonderful?! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to follow your journey, great to be with others that I know (and those I don’t) doing the same.I too, am looking forward – to your photos, news, and my next step!

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