The Habit That Hinders

The hiss of the surf is muted, no birds cry. There is the feel of bare feet on wet sand and the slow accumulation of moisture in my hair and on my body. It’s as if the fog is pushing back on my senses, nudging me to stay closer to my body.

From Walking In The Fog – Jim

It is a mental habit for many of us to believe that the circumstances we are surrounded by, and encounter throughout our day, in themselves hamper and hinder our progress in life. We imagine, If this that or the other thing were different, I’d be able to do this that and another thing! On one level that might be actually true. And, taking a deeper look, one might do well to question that mental habit, or background attitude. The way I see it, it’s the habit that hinders. In other words it’s the (erroneous) belief that things need to be, or have to be, a certain way in order to….(fill in the gap) that needs to be sat still with….

I’ve some writings by somebody who has encountered incredible difficulties on all levels. She could have crumbled under the pressure, she hasn’t. I’ll be publishing extracts from her writings over the next few days.
(October 1st update – I decided, on advice, to publish the writings as one post.)

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