The Power of Negative Thinking

Once again I am struggling to login to Jade, so once again this is a post sent to the site via email. With a raw looking url (Web address).

I actually found this set of short, 14 min, programs rather good. Buddhism is mentioned and there is basic teaching, approached from an interesting angle. This is for those who can access BBC Sounds. Sorry to those readers who can’t.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Negative Thinking”

  1. I just listened to a couple of these programmes.My toes were uncurled throughout, and they contained coherent criticism of the ‘positive thinking’ fallacy.I’m a misery guts.Love gloom and doubt.So this suits me.
    Kinda fun,realising that getting what you want doesn’t equate to wanting what you get….

  2. Thumbs up for pessimists! I’ve only listened to the first one – I’ve always gone along with the ideas expressed here. Who would have thought self-doubt could be so valuable! (When it’s combined with self-compassion.)

  3. Thank you for these Reverend Mugo. I spent some years being sucked down the ‘Positive Thinking Rabbit Hole’, courtesy of an online business and many of these ‘gurus’. I believe, from my experience, that it is very destructive and self defeating so it was good to hear these. I’ve listened to the first two so far.

    1. Glad to read this Charlie. Many people go down that particular ‘rabbit hole’. Thankfully I was not one of them – I had other rabbit holes!

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