Ever Together – Bee Delight

Aconite on the path to Myrtle Bank. Full of Bees feeding.
Bee and me
we are one
Labouring on
and up.

Ever Together.

Inspired by the multiple feeding Bees on the Aconite, currently in full bloom. And also by a 13-year-old me who wrote more or less what appears here. Thanks to the Bees for keeping going, on.

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6 thoughts on “Ever Together – Bee Delight”

  1. Lovely poem. 😊 I sit in my garden with all the flowers, sometimes meditating, and delight in the constant humming of the bees. Comforting somehow.

    1. Every time I walk down the path with the Aconite I pause to listen to the bees. Yes, I think it is comforting too. Not thought of that ’till you mentioned.

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