There And Back Again

Where have you been?

There and back again
To see how far it is.

That’s what we would say as kids when asked where we had been. I have been there and back and there and back several times in the past days. All good stuff except for time spent in the rain admiring the wild flowers on the side of the M6 motorway while waiting for the rescue truck! No photos of the flowers however here’s a couple of pictures for you.

Shed art spotted by blog reading companion while out on a walk today.Sad_eyes1.jpg
Champion Beagles at a petrol station. sad eyes.

Beagle pack. Talking to the proud owner as I filled up with petrol I caught the sense of what they are all about. What they are bred for. That’s hunting. What is it about the eyes of those hounds? Their sad eyes drew me in.

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2 thoughts on “There And Back Again”

  1. The Shed Art looks like it’s on a shingle beach and makes me think of Derek Jarman’s amazing garden at Dungeness.

  2. Hum…I’ll have to take a look at the gardens, on line hopefully. It is amazing what a bit of old paint well weathered in on the side of a field shelter can turn into….

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