Thinking Day

At the start of a meeting Brownies dance (skip) around a giant plastic toadstool, or at least that’s my memory, something to do with ‘togetherness’. My rebel sister in arms and I didn’t! We were five or six and not ready to be ‘together’ with the rest, dancing. My fascination with fungus however has been lifelong and here among the trees at Shasta Abbey they are shooting up everywhere.

My rebel friend and I parted and by eleven I was a Girl Guide and devout. Each year we had Thinking Day when at our evening meeting we would remember all the other guides around the world lighting a candle for each country where guides were doing the same thing. Not a toadstool in sight! It was a solemn occasion and I loved it.

In Britain we have just had Remembrance Day and here in the US it will be Veterans Day on Sunday. I like to think of such occasions as Thinking Days as I remember them from Guiding. Massive transfer of merit occasions for everybody around the world. Alive and dead.

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